6 Ways to Cope in Lockdown

6 Ways to Cope in Lockdown

Staying healthy while going in and out of lockdown is a b*&tch

There is no more ‘normal’ left in this world of Covid! So learning how to deal with the constantly changing environment is the key to success if you want to feel strong and healthy.

So how do we keep our health and fitness on track when we are constantly going in and out of lockdown?

Here are my 6 top tips to dealing with change

1. Routine

This could become your new superpower. Routines, once established, don’t rely on motivation. Ideally, your routine stays the same every day and fills the first and last 30minutes of each day.

For me personally, my routine keeps me on track and it’s the first thing I ‘fix’ when I lose momentum.

The best thing I ever did for my health last year was create a ‘lockdown’ routine. Every time we are thrust back into lockdown, I instantly revert to this routine no matter how frustrated or low I am feeling. What a difference it has made to my sanity!

2. Coffee

This is a metaphor for the small pleasure in life, which are so important, and coming from Melbourne, it’s only natural that one of mine is coffee. I have a cup a day and take pleasure in sourcing high quality beans for optimal enjoyment 😊

I believe we all need a little sip or heaven each day, especially when we are lockdown.

3. Moving in Fresh air

One of the most dangerous things about lockdown is the lack of movement people are getting when working from home. I’ve heard from so many women who have developed neck, back or shoulder issues from being at home more.  Moving regularly is proven to be more important than doing a 30minute workout and then sitting the rest of the day. Plus, our bodies need to feel the sun for vitamin D and to help our circadian rhythm stay on track. I make sure I do some exercise or leave my desk for a walk at least 3 times a day while stuck at home. It may sound like a lot, but if that is ALL you are doing, it’s actually not much. Remember, you’re probably normally walking to and from the station or the café each day. When we can’t do these things, we need to consciously replace them with something.

4. Training program/accountability

It’s too easy to stop training during lockdowns, so for me it’s absolutely vital that I have a program to follow or a coach and a community to stay accountable to. Let’s face it, lockdown isn’t an inspiring time to workout alone, so I make sure that I have a reason to show up for others to help me stay consistent when I really don’t feel like it.

5. Eating windows

Is your kitchen right next to your home office?

This is the case for me, and it’s too easy to walk 5 steps and open the pantry every time I’m bored or whenever I feel like I’ve deserved a break.

What works well for me is setting clear eating windows. I have my breakfast, and then a set my snack time for 3hrs later. This way I have no reason to go into the kitchen until it’s snack time.

6. Commit to being flexible

Changing rules makes it hard to stay consistent. Every time we go in or out of lockdown my schedule changes, and so does my focus. Being flexible around all the things I can’t control has probably made the biggest difference to my consistency this year. My dedication to my health must go beyond ‘inconvenience’, which means that I never let the changing circumstances weaken my commitment


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