Mindset Coaching

Mindset  Coaching

Learn how to overcome self-sabotage,
create endless motivation and discover how to
align your beliefs & values with your
health & fitness goals.

Women in Mindset Coaching group at Strong Women Can
Mindset Coaching

Benefits of Mindset Coaching

Achieve your health and fitness goals

Align your beliefs and values with your health & fitness goals. Create new behaviours and empowering habits that are congruent with these goals. Stay committed to real results and start living the life you desire.

Gain clarity in your purpose

Get clear and focused on your goals and discover how you can create radical change and true fulfilment over the next year.

Ignite passion in your relationships

Remove the beliefs and behaviours that are sabotaging you from true connections. Unlock the key to deep understanding and authentic relationships.


Overcome limiting beliefs, remove self-sabotaging behaviours and discover your untapped potential. Learn how to cultivate intrinsic motivation and drive so you can achieve Your Success.

What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset coaching can be delivered 1-to-1, in intimate groups or in large workshops. The mindset coaching experience is typically mentally challenging and hugely rewarding. Through the recreation of deep thinking patterns, clients experience rapid results, remarkable change and empowering mindset shifts. 

So, how does it work so well?

Great question! Let’s delve deeper…

Our results in fitness, health, and in fact all areas of life, are a direct reflection of our values, our beliefs, and our thinking patterns. These are the things that create our attitude and behaviours. And our behaviours drive our actions, which in turn determine our results. So, if we can link everything back to our mindset, it makes sense that the most effective way to create real change is by starting with the mind.

Mindset is everything. 

Your limitations lie within you, right next to your solutions. The key is learning how to access the right resources so that you can change your behaviours. But, how do you tap into more motivation? More self-confidence? More fulfilment? More determination? And more passion for life?

This is what a mindset coach helps with, because these are the real questions we should be asking ourselves. Learn these skills and your health and fitness will reach new levels, along with your confidence, your self-esteem, and your attitude towards life.

Have you ever seen someone work hard to lose a lot of weight, only to put it all back on (and more) 6 months later? This is because they got there with pure willpower, but they didn’t change their mindset. So when their will power ran out (which it always will eventually) they went back to their old habits and their old behaviour patterns which are dictated by their set mindset.

However, with a mindset shift, your entire perspective on life changes, and our internal drivers create different behavioural patterns. We all create our own reality through our own patterns of thinking. We have more control over our experiences than we realise. So learning how to create a new reality that better suits your future goals is the fastest way to create the life you want, life on your terms.

Mindset shifts are the most powerful way to overcome mental barriers and make new levels of success available to you. And the tools and strategies used to create mindset shifts are transferable across all areas of life. This is where true success starts.

If you want to change your life, you must start with your mind.  

"We cannot solve our problems with the same
thinking we used when we
created them."

Click below now to claim your FREE thinking profile and begin achieving new goals and evolve into the person you want to be.

Why do you do what you do?

Why can’t we simply start doing things that will make us healthier?

Because it’s not actually that simple, is it.

Change can be hard. And understanding what prevents the change can be even harder.

So that’s why we’ve put together a simple tool to help you. 

This FREE Meta Dynamics™ Thinking Profile will give you:
– Transformational insights into what your thinking patterns are
– What specific traits are holding you back
– And which of your unique strengths will help propel you forward in health and fitness & in life

What Others are Saying

“Pippa is so much more talented than you could possibly imagine – [She] is very humble, non-judging and makes you feel safe to discover what you need.

Through a beautiful journey of discovery & awareness, Pippa uncovers what is holding you back, so that you may shine your very brightest.

She is an enormously gifted individual”

– Andrea Carveth

“To anyone who is ready to make some change in their life, I would strongly recommend reaching out to Pippa…words cannot express the experience I have shared with her in this short amount of time”

– Nicholas Kanaris

“I knew I had lots of information about health & nutrition already, but my behaviours didn’t match my knowledge.

I was not prepared for what together we were able to uncover, the thinking behind my behaviours…I experienced so many aha moments creating deeper self awareness and healthier habits.

I am so happy with the path I am on now. I consider our time together such a gift, so thank you thank you, thank you!”

– Fiona Pulford

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