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WOMEN’S HEALTH UNLOCKED: 5 Key ingredients for more energy, easier weight-loss and better moods

Sick and tired of not reaching your health goals?

So many women already ‘know what to do’, but can’t seem to consistently follow through.

And while most of these women will blame themselves, the truth is, it’s now their actually fault.

These days, focusing on exercise and nutrition alone is no longer enough to get the physical and mental results that most people are seeking. There are a few unspoken truths about why women find it so hard to sustainably achieve their health goals. And we believe that knowing these truths is the secret to unlocking your health and fitness potential.

This Saturday, we are sharing our new 5-step model to help women finally achieve their health goals so that you can thrive in lockdown and come out the other side feeling stronger, more energetic and more confident than you have in years.

So if you are sick of not seeing progress and you want to discover the exact steps you need to take to achieve more energy, better moods, and easier fat loss, join our free Masterclass this Saturday.

Breathwork Workshop with William Frost Wim Hof Instructor

 POSTPONED – New date coming soon

We’ll be joined by certified breath coach William Frost to take you on a journey through the fundamental principles of breathwork.
Experience enhanced breathing methods and access the well documented and scientifically endorsed health benefits, which include;
– improved immune system function
– increased energy
– heightened focus & creative thinking
– reduced stress levels
– improved resilience
– improved sport performances
– better sleep
– greater cold tolerance
You’ll learn exactly how the method can work for you and leave with practical applications for your daily life.

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What Others are Saying

“I attended Pippa’s workshop on Creating a Winning Mindset for Health.

What a vivacious, vibrant, full of energy and such a fun way Pippa delivered the message to the group. It was clear and easy to understand.

I was able to implement the strategies straight away and upgraded my mindset with a winning mantra developed at the workshop.”

– Joanna Fisher, Melbourne

“Thanks!  I owe my change of attitude to you. It is so true that when you surround yourself with positive like people how much happier you can feel”

– Kate Hulsman, Sandringham

“Thank you for Saturday. I really enjoyed this and loved the supportive group of women who were there.

I loved that I thought I knew why I was setting myself goals and for what purpose I set them but was really surprised by what actually came up during the visualisation – I feel I understand myself more.”

– Alison Gordon, Hampton East

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