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Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach and Speaker
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Pippa Burfield

Pippa is a certified Personal Trainer and Functional Movement Practitioner. She is also a Meta Dynamics Master Coach and Speaker. In her spare time, she facilitates and mentors at Australasia’s No. 1 coaching school, The Coaching Institute.

Pippa’s expertise in health & fitness, functional movement and human behaviour has been strategically developed over the years so that she can help people overcome both physical and mental limitations, realise their true potential and live life to the max.

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We use proven exercise, nutrition and mindset systems to help create sustainable results.

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The minute you walk through the door you have an entire team to help motivate, support and champion you.

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We show you how to create a winning mindset that sets you up for a healthy life you'll love.

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    Create a Life of Unlimited Potential!

    Strong Women Can is so much more than a personal training studio. We are a hub for change and inspiration.

    Our personalised service provides world-class mindset coaching, expert personal training and exceptional support to help guarantee phenomenal results.

    Our true passion is helping people like you gain more energy and motivation so that you can be confident in who you are and love who you are becoming.


    Hear what our members say about us

    This is without doubt the best gym/community I’ve ever been to. They have helped me enormously to become a healthier and stronger version of myself - physically and mentally. I couldn’t recommend this gym more!!
    Claire Sinni
    I've achieved things I never thought I could!
    Anita Sleight
    You have had such an incredible impact on the quality of my life and I am forever grateful. I cannot believe the difference and I feel like I am a teenager again
    Liz Geehman
    Strong Women Can has been a game changer for me and I am forever grateful for everything everyone has done
    Makayla Bulte
    I have honestly never found anything as life (and behaviour) changing as Strong Women Can - thank you!
    Nadia Beauchamp
    At 50 something I joined looking for a place to exercise. I found so much more! This is a community of trainers, coaches, classes, high quality equipment, resources, information and camaraderie all designed to help make you the best version of yourself.
    Vanessa Eckhaus
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