About Us

About   Us

Personal Training and expert Mindset Coaching in a super friendly environment where progress is championed!

Beliefs and values

What matters to us


We believe life is better lived with passion and purpose. We thrive on helping our members feel inspired, motivated and alive.


Progress can only happen through growth. We create continual opportunity for our members to learn and grow so they can become the ultimate version of themselves.


Everyone deserves to be pain-free, energetic and confident. We believe in striving to overcome barriers and limitations to enjoy the freedom of living life on your terms.

“After many years at different gyms and training programs, I was ready to give up exercising altogether and put up with the pain. Now after every training session, I can’t wait til my next one as I walk out that door feeling amazing.  I love our sessions and am excited about what I will be like in a few months time…..Watch out world! Thank you from the bottom on my heart”

~ Liz Geehman

our approach

Who We Are

Strong Women Can is a face-to-face and online community that gives you access to everything you need to prioritise your health and fitness, so you look and feel amazing.

The best part is, we don’t just give you the tools you need. We also give you the community and support you need to create an empowering transformation in your body and your mind.

We train women in our boutique studio in Hampton East, and online. Our training programs are designed especially for women, and specialise in helping you build lean muscle, move pain-free, boost your metabolism and regulate your hormones.

To ensure you feel supported outside the studio, we run regular programs in nutrition, mindset, and women’s health. These programs help you to focus on creating real and sustainable change and allow you to join other women with the same goal.

We work with absolute beginners, pre and post-natal women, and women with injuries, all the way up to super fit women who are competent lifters and love a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had 2 years break from exercise, or have never stepped inside a gym in your life, wherever you are right now is perfect and we can help you discover your true strength.

our philosophy

What We Believe

Strong Women Can stands for possibility. Every woman is incredibly strong in her own right, but not many women know it yet! We believe we could all benefit from a little help in accessing more of our own strength and power. Whether you want more physical strength, emotional strength, or inner confidence, it’s all intertwined.

We started Strong Women Can on the mission to empower busy women who want to look and feel amazing to prioritise their health and happiness. And we believe strength is a vital part in this. Learning to be physically strong and confident in your own body also requires mental and emotional strength. The path to health and happiness is through overcoming your own internal barriers, your own judgements, and your own self-doubt, while also discovering what you are truly capable of.

Learning to embrace your flaws and thrive regardless is true strength.

We are here to help women learn that they are and always will be worthy of health and happiness. Not after they’ve proven themselves, not tomorrow, but TODAY. RIGHT NOW.

pippa burfield
Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach and Mentor

Pippa's Story

Pippa is the beating heart of Strong Women Can. She started the company fuelled by a deep desire to help people overcome the barriers that stop them from leading a life of rich experiences, ultimate fulfilment and personal success.

The inspiration behind this burning desire came from her personal experience. After years of pain and injury, constant personal disappointment and all the negative impacts that came as a result of ‘letting go’ of her health for too long, Pippa reached an all-time low and quit her job. Vowing to turn things around and do everything in her power to help prevent anyone from going through what she went through, she then set to work to build Strong Women Can!

Since this self-made promise, Pippa has become obsessed with finding out what gives people ultimate fulfilment and success in life.  She is a dedicated student of human behaviour and all things health-related, specialising in fitness and mindset. In fact, she believes that you can’t truly succeed in one without the other.

Pippa has a unique ability to see greatness in everyone. Regardless of where you’re starting out from, she can calibrate quickly, help you feel comfortable, assess carefully for injury or pain, and safely guide you to pain-free, strength and performance-based movements. Pippa sees no boundaries in her clients. She works with a huge range of people from those wanting to walk pain-free again, to those looking to mentally and physically push their boundaries every day.

She doesn’t see fitness as a sign of success. Success is personal and can’t be measured in numbers and stats.

All Pippa cares about is working with people who are committed to change.  

pippa burfield
The Team

Meet the crew

Pippa Burfield Personal Trainer and Head Coach at Strong Women Can

Pippa Burfield

Director & Head Coach

Pippa is on a mission to help women feel strong, confident and self-motivated. As a Meta Dynamics trained coach and top personal trainer, Pippa combines her expertise in human behaviour, fitness and health to help her clients achieve their fitness goals, connect with what really matters to them, and learn how to become a more authentic and inspired version of themselves.

the fitness partnership

Alice Walton

Director & Support Manager

As co-founder of Strong Women Can, Alice is passionate about delivering excellence for our members. Coming from a background in customer service and support, Alice’s high standards keep us all on our toes and ensure we are constantly innovating and improving. Alice loves being outdoors and keeping healthy and has a particular passion for cooking nutritious, delicious meals (that the rest of the team love her for!).

Tania Women's Fitness Personal Trainer Hampton

Tania Neumann

Head of Group Training

Tania brings a heap of experience gained over years of coaching and training in the industry. A specialist in strength and conditioning, she has a CrossFit background and is passionate about helping ladies lift and reveal their true strength. Tania has a super friendly, approachable and patient style perfect for those starting out or wanting to level up their results.


Jacqui Toohey

Head of Personal Training & Chief Women's Health Educator

Jacqui has 3 decades experience in the women's health, rehabilitation, sports management and strength training space. A mum of 3 children, she coaches women in all life stages but with a particular passion for those in the 'messy middle' (perimenopause & menopause), empowering them to fuel, feel and function better.

Vicki Ryan Fitness Trainer at Strong Women Can

Vicki Ryan

Fitness Trainer

Vicki is a mum of two [energic!] boys and an avid runner with many marathons and ultras under her belt. She has a passion for women's strength training and has been coaching women to achieve their fitness goals for over 10 years.


Claire Hawkins

Fitness Trainer

Claire chose a career in strength training after initially feeling extremely intimidated by the weights area in the gym and doing hours on the treadmill which led to weakness and a broken humerus! She found herself a female trainer who inspired her to lift and she fell in love with this type of training. She now uses the skills she's learnt in stunt performing on movie sets (!!!) and in inspiring other women to show them what's possible!

Chanthy Lee Personal Trainer at Strong Women Can Highett

Chanthy Lee

Fitness Trainer

10 years of Taekwondo influenced Chanthy's curiosity for human movement and training philosophies. She loves training squats, leggy plyos, balance and core. She has just completed a Degree in Exercise Science. Her PT/coaching career began at a boutique gym and boxing bootcamp, but Chanthy has been coaching Crossfit for the last 3 years. Her heart is in helping others to discover their true capacities, sense of play and most importantly, their absolute love of oneself.

Maddie Kristensen Fitness Trainer at Strong Women Can

Maddie Kristensen

Fitness Trainer

Maddie is passionate about all things women's health and fitness. Coming a background of CrossFit, she has instructed and competed at a high level and loves nothing more than inspiring other women to be strong and to listen to their bodies.

Mim Gee Personal Trainer at The Fitness Partnership Hampton East

Mim Gee

Fitness Trainer

Mim is a self confessed CrossFit nut who loves to train and challenge her body. Having spent her whole working life in fitness and sport, she is passionate about strength training and helping women to see real, sustainable results from their training. Mim brings a whole lot of knowledge, buckets of motivation and a great sense of humour to her sessions and we just love having her in the studio!

Ronak Moussavi Headshot

Ronak Moussavi

Boxing Instructor

Ronak is all about is about empowerment, self discovery, pushing boundaries and personal growth through health and fitness. Her training is a mix of Boxing, Muay Thai, HIIT, Metabolic Resistance Training, Animal Flow and Weight Training and she integrates these various styles to help women dare to dream big, excel, and reach their full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you like a personalised approach for faster results, then we could be a good fit.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your level of fitness or experience is, we have the expertise to work within your limits. To find out more, book in a visit and check out our space.

That’s absolutely fine. Most of our clients are. Which is why we have a structured approach to ensure we safely guide you through an exercise program that is designed especially for your body and your level of fitness.

Yes of course. We do not believe in yelling at you as you “drop and give me 20”. We are also not interested in causing you to limp around for an entire week because you are too sore to walk properly. This type of training slows progress and we know that the more comfortable you are with your training, the more you will turn up to get more results.

Yes. Most people these days have some sort of niggle or injury due to our repetitive and sedentary lifestyles. We are experts at programming exercises that not only avoid the pain, but also work to eliminate the pain whenever possible with corrective movements and strength work.

Then you’re going to love our programs! We use little to no cardio (unless you are training for a specific event). Cardio is not the best use of your time in the gym if you want to maximise your results. We focus on building muscle for a strong, lean and toned body.