Motivation is not normal. How to be less lazy...

Motivation is not normal. How to be less lazy...

Did you know that motivation to do more than survive is not natural.

We are all greedy and lazy animals.

It’s natures way of keeping us alive.

We eat until we’re full and then we conserve energy when we can in case there is a famine on the way, or in case it’s a long time until the next successful hunt.

This means that if you have a full stomach and a roof over your head, there is no evolutionary explanation that states that motivation should suddenly appear.

So we need to generate our own motivation ladies!

3 highly effective ways to generate motivation:

  1. Stop choosing comfort over taking action
  2. Move regularly
  3. Ditch the junk and avoid overeating

#1 Stop choosing comfort over action

Comfort is always going to be the easy answer. Ever been stuck trying to choose between sitting on the couch rather going for the run? Or how about getting take away rather than shopping and preparing a nutritious meal?

We are designed to choose comfort, which means we will always ‘feel’ like doing the easy thing. I don’t think I ever feel like waking up in the dark to do a workout. But I know it will it’s what I need for a great day ahead, so I temporarily choose discomfort to kickstart my motivation.

Learn how to make the ‘uncomfortable’ choice and you will become a motivation manifesting queen!

#2 Move regularly

It’s not just about that 30minute workout you did this morning, regularly getting the blood flowing throughout the day is vital for staying energised, positive and motivated. Do 20 squats every hour, have walking meetings, or do quick stretches at your desk at regular intervals. Studies show that regular movement is more important for overall health than long workouts.

#3 Ditch the junk and avoid overeating

This is probably the fastest way to instantly feel more motivated. Poor quality foods cause hormonal imbalances, low mood, lethargy, and a sense of negativity or even depression.  Reduce sugar and processed fat and focus on nutrient dense whole foods. Stop eating when you are 80% full and you will be amazed at the difference!

Motivation NEVER comes to those who wait.

Implement these 3 strategies to ensure you never run out.



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