Let's Stop Hitting the Pause Button

Let's Stop Hitting the Pause Button

Have you ever pressed pause on your training and health goals?

I’ll start training again as soon as…

…the kids go back to school

…work calms down

…Christmas…I mean New Year’s Eve is over …

Momentum or consistency is one of the biggest challenge’s women face when it comes to getting stronger and healthier. Because every time we take a break from ‘being healthy’, we lose all the great results we worked so hard to get!

The ‘2 steps forward, 2 steps back’ approach is a total motivation killer!

Constantly pressing pause causes so much more than just a physical yo-yo effect.

Have you ever noticed how angry you get with yourself when you give-up on a commitment to yourself?

Have you noticed how it causes self-doubt to creep in, making it even harder to recommit in the future?

So what can we do about it?

Firstly, I think we can all agree that the pause button needs to become a thing of the past! What works well for a lot of our members is replacing the pause with acceptance…

“I accept that life is a little hectic right now so I might not meet my healthy eating expectations, but I’ll do what I can tonight by having a side salad with the pizza.”

“I accept that my last-minute work deadline prevented me from training, but I can still do a 5 minute HIIT workout just before dinner”

The attitude that comes with finding small ways to ‘be healthy’ when the bigger gestures feel way too hard means that you are constantly proving that you prioritise health no matter what.

It may not look like the perfect picture of health, and that’s OK. Making small yet constant daily decisions to take the stairs, turn TV off 30minutes earlier, or eat an apple before the chocolate bar will build your identity as a healthy person.

Health is an ever-evolving way of ‘being’, it’s not perfection, and there’s no pause option.

How can you be just a little bit healthier today?


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