How to keep your health on track when the future isn’t clear

How to keep your health on track when the future isn’t clear

As I sit here writing this, most of Europe is going into further lockdowns after another wave of Covid-19, Australian borders are closed for the foreseeable future, and I’m locked down in my house in Melbourne wondering when we will be able to re-open our fitness studio for the third time this year!

There’s a lot about the future that’s very uncertain.  At least that’s one thing we can be certain about.

If we look at how this affects human behaviour, we know that uncertainty causes people to stop taking action, stop making decisions, and stop making progress.

I wonder if you’ve noticed this in your own life with your health and fitness?

How do we break this pattern and get our fitness back on track without knowing what next month (or next year) will look like?

Here are 3 important steps to help you brush away the cobwebs and make progress towards your health and fitness goals.

Step 1: This is the most important one…

Stop Waiting!

Waiting will quickly kill any fitness mojo you have remaining. Oh, and it will also kill off any fitness you have remaining!

While we wait, we become more and more comfortable with being comfortable…and then laziness and indifference easily kicks in. 

While waiting, most people also lose their self-drive, their motivation and their confidence. Not taking action causes us to disconnect from our purpose, and from what really matters to us.

Seem familiar?

Waiting is the silent killer of your dreams. Whatever you do, stop waiting for things to be ‘right’ before you get back to prioritising your life.  

Step 2: Be Flexible

I totally get it, it will be much easier to get results when things go back to normal, when you go back to work, when the kids go back to school and all your favourite workout destinations are open again.

But if you’re waiting for this to happen, go back and re-read step number 1!

Done with waiting?


So now we need a new strategy, one that you can get to work on RIGHT NOW, as in today, because we’re no longer waiting remember!

This new strategy is only going to take shape with a little flexibility on your behalf, because you’re probably going to need to do a few things differently.  

Lost your fitness routine? Make a new one!

Can’t go to the gym? Find a new way to get some effective workouts in at home.

Lost your mojo? Try some new recipes, workouts, or hang out with people who have the same goals as you (even if it’s online, it still works!).

If you’re reading this thinking ‘but I like things the way things were’, I get it – it was working for you before.  But there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Have an open mind, and get creative.

Step 3. Create Strong Accountability

In an age when there are less appointments, less places to ‘be’ and when most things revolve around being at home, it can be easy to get caught up doing things that seem more important or easier to focus on.

The best way to overcome this dilemma is to create some kick-ass strategies to keep you accountable. Involve others, get a mentor, set virtual appointments in the diary to keep you on track.

When our motivation has dried up, relying on others can help reinvigorate our mojo until we’ve gained enough momentum to go out on our own.

There may not be a ‘right’ way or a ‘best’ way to go after your health and fitness goals right now. But there are still many ways for you to start feeling strong, healthy and energised in this time of uncertainty.

And if you start with these three steps, you’ll be well on your way!

We know this to be true because so many of our members are thriving in lockdown. They’ve had to adjust their workouts, home school their children, and overturn their health regime. And with the full support of a strong community behind them, many of our women have created an even better health regime than they had before!

It is possible. But just remember, whatever strategy you choose, it’s gotta start TODAY, so that you have results tomorrow.


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