It's not all's what's great!

It's not all's what's great!

It’s not all bad! Here’s what’s great about this Easter…

A lot of changes have occurred and are still to occur, and it’s really easy for us to focus on what we’ve lost, what we no longer have access to, or what’s been taken away from us.

For so many people, change is seen as bad.  But change can be wonderful and it’s the only thing in life that is certain.  Things will always shift and adjust, and our ability to be behaviourally flexible is going to determine our ability to succeed in a changing environment.

What I think is most important now is how we perceive the world that we’re now creating for ourselves.

Yes, there are external things happening that are contributing to this new world that we’re experiencing, but ultimately we only experience the world that we create through our own perception.

So, how have you been perceiving all the changes?

Is it weighing very heavily on you?

I appreciate that some people are going through very difficult circumstances, so I don’t want this to take away from the fact that there are very hard things people are having to live through right now.  But at the same time, there are some wonderful things going on.  There are some wonderful things we’re actually being forced to do.  Things that I hope we continue doing when life returns to ‘normal’.  And we can start shifting our focus and start seeing these things as the gift that they are.

I’ve never seen so many families working out together in the park, or so many posts of families spending quality time together doing puzzles, or kids doing so many screen-free activities and making up their own fun!  And people are learning how to connect without all the external noise.

In some countries, there’s never been a time in recent history with so little air pollution, and in some places, water is clear and clean for the first time in decades with fish life returning.

No matter how hard we tried we couldn’t have created these things without going into lockdown.

So rather than focusing this Easter on all the freedoms we’ve lost, I encourage you to think about what this now means to you.

This isn’t as temporary as people think it is, so the temporary approach isn’t going to work so well.

The way we can get the most from our lives right now is to say “in this new world, what do I want to make stick”, “how do I create new behaviours based on what we’ve got now that are going to last for years into the future”

Have you noticed that we’re now living in a world where we’re down to just the essentials?  How much simpler is it?!

We’re caring less about buying the latest fashion and material things because we’re realising that those things just don’t matter.  We’re seeing the non-essentials being stripped away and the sense of simplicity is extremely freeing.

What a rare gift for us to experience. 

In a way, I think the ‘craziness’ of this situation is actually making us less crazy!  Sure, there’s a lot of stress, but there always was! And now there’s also a sense of calm and stillness.

So this Easter, I encourage you to have a think about how you’re perceiving this situation. 

Be conscious of all the good around you. Tap into that and decide how you want to perceive this change.

Happy Easter from me and the team at TFP



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