Want to up your training results?

Want to up your training results?

Want to up your training results?

Are you exercising regularly and nailing your nutrition, yet you don’t seem to quite get the training results that you thought you would? 

Women often come to us for help because despite their best efforts with exercise and nutrition they are struggling with energy, or cannot seem to lose weight. Sometimes they are feeling constantly fatigued and may even find that exercise exhausts them.

These are just a couple of examples of the daily symptoms we see women put up with.

And the worst part?

When women reach out to health professionals about their low energy, mood and lack of training results, they get told that they are fine.

That feeling a bit average or not being able to healthily lose some weight is normal. Blood tests may have been taken and “nothing is out of the ordinary”. Leaving women nowhere to go and instead trying to just accept that this is maybe as good as it gets.

We are here to tell you that this is not right.

We believe everyone deserves to feel their best and to live optimally. Luckily it isn’t a dead end as some doctors can make you believe. There are definitely things that can be done, right now in fact!

And we’ve narrowed it down to four things that you can address to improve your health as a woman to make you feel more vibrant and to get the health and training results you want.

We just have to look a little beyond the ‘general health’ message and broaden our horizons 😉

The four main aspects to address if you want to enhance your health and training results are:


Your mindset is shaped by your beliefs and values. You can say this is the lens that you view, interpret and experience the world through. 

Your mindset also dictates how you respond and act in life. For example, you make all of our decisions based on your values.  Hence, consciously upgrading your mindset will make it much easier for you to get results.

Unfortunately, these values and beliefs are not something that are often reflected on or questioned as they sit in our subconscious.

For instance, a lot of women believe that it’s their duty to put everyone else first. Kids need looking after, the house needs to be cleaned, the partner needs help, and the best friend needs support before anything can be done for thenmselves. Does this sound familiar?

Whilst this is a very kind thing to do, it can also be the reason why you feel guilty when you want to do something for yourself because it goes against what you believe is right. 

This is so common amongst women. But with a mindset shift everything can change. We’ve seen women create a new way of viewing their ‘role’ within the family, and learn how to value time for themselves just as much as valuing it for others.

We’ve seen women create a sustainable balance so that you can be a great mother/friend/partner, while at the same time maintaining strong boundaries that protect their own needs.

To some degree, it is always our mindset that is holding us back. Learning how to upgrade it could be the small thing that makes the biggest difference.


Gut and Hormonal Health

Did you know that an unwell gut has been linked to things such as depression, anxiety, a poor immune system, inflammation, problems with our hormonal health and weight gain? 

No wonder the gut is called our second brain! 

It determines so much of our body’s health and if we are striving for optimal health, we can’t ignore it. 

Closely linked to our gut health is also our hormonal health. If you are one of those women who lives their life dictated by where they are in their menstrual cycle, you have already experienced what an impact hormones can have on you. The same can be said if you are peri-menopause or post-menopause too! Hormones can cause so much havoc for women both physically and mentally.

Don’t think that you have to live this way, there are things that can be done to support your hormones to help with these symptoms. Hormones are not meant to have that power over your life. It’s a big relief to a lot of women when they realise that. Something can be done to improve the symptoms they are experiencing.

Without even realising it your gut and hormonal health dictates your everyday life. You might just think it’s your mood or you are going through a bad time of your life, but it could actually mean that something chemically in your body isn’t quite where it should be. It’s always worth digging a bit deeper to what is actually going on.



Considering you have found this post on our website, you probably already know exercise and daily movement is an integral part of your health. 

But in case you need a reminder. It helps with our heart health, improves our mood, it helps regulate your blood pressure, it helps with your bones and muscles as you age, reduces the risk of diabetes and so much more. 

The list is endless!

We all are aware it’s something we need to be doing. But the next thing to consider is, what works for you and your body?

Exercise is not just because it’s something we have to just tick off the list. We want to help women find how they can use exercise to their best advantage and get the most out of it. 

Let us tell you a little secret, the answer to exercising isn’t always more sessions and a faster pace as a lot of trainers say. 

Have you ever gone through a period where the exercise you were doing was draining? Not inspiring you? These are some instances when we need to look at how we can rejig your current regime so there is less resistance to exercising and in turn making it more sustainable. When it is sustainable, results come easy.

Whether you can relate to this or not, what you really want is to make sure that the exercise you are doing is really taking you towards the goals you have. 

You may be surprised that it’s not always the case. For instance, doing heaps of cardio doesn’t always equal weight loss. Sometimes it can even prevent it!

Yes, it does contradict what we have been told a lot of the time, which it’s why it’s so important to be aware of what kind of exercise you should be doing and why.



Having good nutrition means we are nourishing our body with the nutrients it needs for us to feel our best.

Nutrition is important because it helps improve heart health, our gut health and in turn brain health, helps with weight management, helps build muscle, helps our bones and teeth, helps reduce inflammation in the body. Some of these benefits we crossed paths with earlier in this post. See how it all works together?

Do you feel like it’s an area that’s easy to get lost in? It almost seems like there’s a new diet being advertised every other week.

It’s tough to keep up! 

If you are feeling confused in this space, you’re definitely not alone. 

A lot of these methods come with promises of losing weight and fast. Something that we find so upsetting as health is, whilst it might not be what everyone wants to hear, a long-term game and to do it sustainably takes time. Not 6 or 12 weeks.

Understanding what to eat and why you are eating it is so important, yet in our experience, very few women know how to eat what’s best for their body and their goals.  

This comes down to poor information, fad diets, and incorrect messages in the media.  Often healthy eating is closely related to eating salads. Yes, this can be great when the salads are balanced with protein, fat and carbs. However, most salads fall short of the fuel necessary for women to thrive. While eating spaghetti Bolognese can often be an easier way to get a great balance of nutrients from one meal. Myth buster – Healthy eating does not equal salads!

Knowing how to eat is a bit of a learning curve and it needs to be done in a way that you can happily continue with way into the future. That’s when you will get the best results. 

Nutrition also needs to be tweaked to support gut health, your exercise requirements and your current goals. Which means your nutritional requirements constantly change, and understanding these changes is key to optimal energy and overall health.

Now, before you start thinking, this all seems very overwhelming! We want to say we totally get that. 

Looking at all of these areas feels like a lot. 

But it is achievable.  We see it every day in our studio. When women have a coach to guide them and they surround themselves with like-minded women, it’s amazing what can be achieved!

Please don’t think you have to do this journey alone. Consider fast tracking your results with expert guidance and having fun along the way in a supportive community. Because nothing amazing has ever been achieved without a team 😉  


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