Food vs Fitness over the Holidays

Food vs Fitness over the Holidays

Why I am happy to eat ‘all the thing’ over the holidays (and focus on moving my body)

We all know that we need to focus on both nutrition and training if we want to be strong, healthy, and thriving! But what do you do on the holidays when everyone comes together and connects through shared eating experiences?

Do you still hold tight to your eating plan?

Do you count your macros, your calories, or your portion sizes?

Of course, these are questions that every woman needs to answer for herself.

For me, I shift my focus from ‘planned’ nutrition to a more flexible type of intuitive eating. Which basically means that I don’t do nearly as much meal prep, and instead I just let meals unfold naturally depending on who I am with and were I are going for the holidays.

Does this mean that my meals are less ‘on point’.


Will I put on weight because of it?

Maybe. Maybe not. I genuinely don’t know.

Why don’t I mind if I put on weight?

I value my emotional health and wellbeing too much to restrict my enjoyment of the festivities. I want to be a part of the Christmas celebrations! I don’t want to be on the sideline wishing I could eat and enjoy all the things my family and friends are and feeling like I’m the odd one out.

So instead of worrying so much about what I’m eating, I simply make sure that I am getting in the basics, while I focus on keeping up my training.

At a bare minimum, I ensure I eat to maintain my energy levels (i.e. get enough of the good stuff – protein, carbs and healthy fats, and lots of micronutrients through from vegetables). I don’t think much more beyond that.

I mean sure, if I’ve had a massive meal one day, I tend to reduce my food intake the following day.

This is where the intuitive eating part comes into it.

For example, if I eat three times more than I normally do today, tomorrow I’ll eat less than normal. Not because I’m starving or punishing myself, but purely because I want to give my digestion a bit of a break, and I want to listen to my body (which is telling me that it’s had enough by this stage!)

This strategy also helps me train, because it’s hard to feel motivated to move if I’m always full of food and drink.

Which brings me to my main point…

Exercise over the holidays is essential for me and my family.

The fastest way for me to feel heavy, unmotivated and bad about myself is to eat lots and move little.

So, I keep moving over the holidays! In fact, I move daily. Even on Christmas morning, I get off to the beach for a swim, or go for a run.

I stay focused on my training in the holidays because what we do in our ‘free time’ is a direct representation of the things that we value the most. Why do you think the holidays are so much about friends and family!

So when I train over the holidays, it concretes in my subconscious that health and fitness are important to me. Being strong and fit is a non-negotiable, in fact, it’s one of my highest values because I know how much it improves my quality of life now, plus I know the benefits for longevity.

So, I move.

All through the holidays.

And because of this, as a bonus, I get to enjoy my Christmas celebrations to the max, and still feel healthy and fit come the new year.

This strategy has worked for me ever since I can remember.

If you give it a go, I’m sure it will work for you too!

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