How to keep momentum over the holidays

How to keep momentum over the holidays

Do you rest or train over the holidays? If you want to keep your momentum, this will help.

I used to take a break from training every holiday, but over the years I’ve learnt the importance of consistency when it comes to my health and fitness results.

Here are the 5 main lessons I’ve learnt about the benefits of training over the break…


1.If you don’t use it, you lose it.

And unfortunately fitness gains are lost quickly! On the flip side, fitness is also maintained easily and you only need to do a little bit of training each week to ensure you don’t lose the benefits of all your hard work so far.

My tip: keep training over the holidays, and be OK with it being a little less than you usually do, because you’ll likely still maintain your current fitness level.


2. You have more time to recover.

Full time work, kids, training, social life etc… all this leaves little time for proper recovery. Typically holidays mean you get more sleep, which means you’ll recover faster from your training and feel unstoppable! Holidays for me have always proved to be a great time to really test my training capacity and push a bit harder, because I know I have the luxury to recovery better when I’m not working.  PB’s here we come!


3. It helps keep your nutrition ‘on track’

I don’t know about you but I find that when I’m training, my body craves nutritious food, which means making food decisions is much easier. Whereas, I used to have chocolate for breakfast on Easter Sunday and it was all downhill after that 😆

An Easter workout has solved that problem, and if you’ve ever done a training session on a belly full of chocolate you’ll know when I mean!


4.Training sessions are better quality and more enjoyable

My weeks are always very busy and fitting in multiple training sessions is always a juggle. Which means I’m often rushing my workouts and cutting down my warm up or post-workout recovery.

I find that when I train on the holidays I get to really take my time. I am more present to my body and my training session, I am more relaxed and I generally enjoy the process more.


5. You return to work feeling better rather than feeling worse!

For me, this was the biggest lesson of all.  I used to return to work feeling less healthy after an indulgent holiday, and have to muster a lot of effort to reset my training routine. It is never easy to return to training after a break because you need to set up the momentum from scratch again.

Not anymore!  Consistent training during the holiday period makes it a no brainer to just keep training when you return to work. It will not only be easier, it will probably also be more enjoyable after you’re feeling so good about the epic gains you made during your break.


Whether it’s in a hotel gym or at your local strength studio, what matters most is that you learn how to maintain your exercise so that you don’t go backwards (which we can start doing after one week off!).

I hope you have some great training session over your easter holiday!




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