The only solution to ALL your dieting problems (Warning: you may not like the answer)

The only solution to ALL your dieting problems (Warning: you may not like the answer)

What’s the one and only EATING PROTOCOL that works for everyone??

The non-dieting protocol.

Before you shake your head, just hear me out.

I get it, it’s not sexy. It’s not exciting. And it doesn’t promise instant weight loss.

But it is the ONLY effective, lifelong solution.

✅Imagine never having to worry about yoyo dieting again.
✅Imagine only needing one size in your wardrobe.
✅Imagine eating guilt-free for the rest of your life.

We know that…
❌ short term diets don’t work
❌ restrictive diets don’t work
❌ diets promising fast weight loss don’t work

Look at the stats in this graph taken from Weight Management Psychology (2018). It shows how the average dieter will regain more and more weight every time they try to lose weight through “dieting”. They call it the Nike swoosh effect.

Source: Weight Management Psychology 2018

All weight-loss diets result in eventual weight gain, the feeling of failure, and even more problems down the track.

If weight loss is the measure of success for an eating plan, then eating becomes a negative experience, because the focus is on what you can’t do, what you can’t have, and what you’re missing out on.

And don’t forget about all the unnecessary emotional stress that diets cause! For example, when you’re trying to ‘lose weight’ and you eat that delicious burger or chocolate bar, you feel guilty right?

So how do you cope with the guilt? Do you punish yourself with exercise? Or maybe you shut the guilt away and eat more, while telling yourself, “I’ll start the diet tomorrow”.

This becomes relentless and unsustainable. No wonder why diets are so hard!

On top of all that, if you’re dieting for weight loss purposes, your feeling of achievement and worth is based on the number on the scale. Is that really how you want to measure how well you are doing as a human being each day?

When someone focuses on weight loss, rather than health, we typically see negative self-talk go up, and confidence go down. While many people want to lose weight to build more confidence, it inevitable will have the opposite effect.

The best eating protocol is NOT measured on the size of your waistline, rather it is measured on how foods make you FEEL.

So…do you know which foods energise you? Which foods bloat you? Which foods improve your performance, your cognition and your motivation, vs which foods zap them?

These are the questions to focus on! Ask yourself, how do you want to feel after every meal?

You see, when you weigh yourself you are looking at the wrong data.
Measure your food intake based on how you feel and learn to regularly check in with your body. Because when you feel great, your body will be functioning at its best and will work out the rest on its own.
Which means you’ll never have to worry about your size ever again! (Which is just one of the many bonuses of being healthy).

Join the non-dieting, eat for health club. Are you in?

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