10 simple steps to naturally detox your body ready for spring

10 simple steps to naturally detox your body ready for spring

If you’re anything like us you’re probably feeling a bit over winter.

You may have dropped your summer exercise routine, you may not have spent any proper time in the sun for weeks, you may be resorting to some little life-comforts that leave one growing in size rather than confidence…don’t worry, we get it.

Winter can be pretty harsh on our bodies and mind. Not only does the weather take its toll on us physically and emotionally but being inside more often exposes us to more germs, makes us sicker and often means we get less exercise. We also tend to make more ‘comforting’ food choices.

So it’s no wonder winter can have us feeling a little low and run-down, lethargic, bloated, stodgy and craving a bit of a ‘‘detox” at the start of spring. Cue lots of people eating lettuce for lunch and buying elaborate blenders to start their juice cleanse!

Now, we’ll let the scientists argue over whether detoxing is necessary for the body or whether juice cleanses are helpful long-term, but in the meantime, we’ll stick to what we do know, and that’s how to live in a way that makes us feel great (and promotes optimal health).

Here are our favourite and simple steps you can take to ‘naturally detox’ your system so you feel refreshed and ready for Spring…and Summer!

Most importantly, these 10 simple steps are not a quick fix or a one-time-thing, they are changes you can build into your life for long-term health benefits and wellbeing.

1. Blow away the cobwebs and get those Vitamin D levels up!
Recent studies show that over 3 in 4 Melbournians who regularly go outdoors have Vitamin D deficiency in Winter. This vitamin is vital for bone health, our immune system and much more so you’re bound to feel A LOT healthier when you get your fix!
Tip:, After a winter stuck indoors, there’s nothing better than going for an exhilarating walk or run in the fresh air to make you feel alive and motivated! It’s great for the soul too.

2. Eat Mindfully
It’s easy to eat half a pack of biscuits instead of the one we intended to have when you’re not paying attention. Overeating means you’re probably accumulating more toxins than your body can handle so make sure you’re aware of what and how much you’re eating by slowing down and eating without distractions.
Tip: Avoid eating mindlessly in front of the TV and try assisting your digestion by doubling your chew time.

3. Eat Naturally
Concentrate on incorporating more plant-based foods and choose organic where possible to minimise your exposure to toxins. Fruit and veggies are so important to help your body deal with the chemicals it’s taking on.
Tip: Eating more plant foods (and less animal foods) means you’re reducing the intake of additives that are fed to animals such as hormones and pharmaceuticals.

4. Keep Lean
Fat-soluble compounds can accumulate in body fat so if you have more fat you’re body will store more toxins.
Tip: Build lean muscle to replace fat so there’ll be less space for these potentially problematic chemicals to be stored in the body.

5. Eat in intervals
We weren’t designed to eat round the clock so make sure you give your body a break from food and let it process what’s going in. This break also allows the body to focus on other important tasks like cell growth and repair.
Tip: Start with a 12-hour break between dinner and breakfast and then try to increase this to 13-14 hours and see how you feel. Many people find that they’re less bloated and sleep better with more time between meals.

6. Drink plenty of clean water
None of us need a lesson in the importance of water but drinking plenty of fluids (including herbal teas), especially clean filtered water, really helps our kidneys stay healthy and do their job of eliminating waste and toxins.
Tip: If you don’t like water, try naturally flavoured water (lemon, cucumber, mint etc) and herbal teas, and eat plenty of fresh and well hydrated foods like fruit and veg.

7. Sweat it out
We wouldn’t be in the fitness industry if we didn’t advocate getting some exercise! But as well as keeping you fit and strong, working up a sweat is an efficient way of eliminating nasty toxins through your skin.
Tip: Short, high intensive workouts are great for this. Saunas are another great way to get a sweat on ????

8. If you can’t put it down, then drop it
If you have issues with craving and overeating particular foods like chocolate, biscuits or chips then it can be tough to just have a little bit and may be time to address the role these foods play and the reasons you reach for them.
Tip: Understand your triggers for these foods and always have a healthier, substitute food ready if need be.

9. Review your bathroom cabinet
Some dietary supplements may be required depending on your deficiencies, but others may just be burdening the body.
Tip: Make sure you get advice on what you actually need and what may not be bringing any additional benefits.

10. Check your lotions and potions
We don’t like the thought of eating too many chemicals, but many people take on a huge amount of chemicals via their skin every day through all the products they use. These chemicals end up in the blood and further burden the body. Be mindful of your cosmetics and choose safe options.
Tip: You can look up your cosmetic labels and discover their safety rating here: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

There it is, 10 simple steps to naturally detox your body and feel great this spring time!

Following these tips can help your body out in processing harmful toxins and help you to perform and feel better!

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