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We'll have a 45 minute session together so you can meet us, see the space and tell us more about your goals and where you're at

Functional Movement Screen

We'll check out your movement patterns to help us determine the best training for you, your body, and your goals. Don't worry, this is not a fitness test!

Unlimited Group Classes

Book into as many classes as you like over the 21 day introductory period so you can fully immerse in our training and community.

Personalised Nutrition Strategy

This is an optional addition. With the help of our medical grade Evolt Body Scanner, we can ensure you have a winning nutrition approach that matches your goals and fuels your body for optimal training results.

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Offer limited to 15 women only


Hear what our members have to say

This is without doubt the best gym/community I’ve ever been to. They have helped me enormously to become a healthier and stronger version of myself - physically and mentally. I couldn’t recommend this gym more!!
Claire Sinni
I've achieved things I never thought I could!
Anita Sleight
You have had such an incredible impact on the quality of my life and I am forever grateful. I cannot believe the difference and I feel like I am a teenager again
Liz Geehman
Strong Women Can has been a game changer for me and I am forever grateful for everything everyone has done
Makayla Bulte
I have honestly never found anything as life (and behaviour) changing as Strong Women Can - thank you!
Nadia Beauchamp
At 50 something I joined looking for a place to exercise. I found so much more! This is a community of trainers, coaches, classes, high quality equipment, resources, information and camaraderie all designed to help make you the best version of yourself.
Vanessa Eckhaus

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Results for Life

This is not a gym that promises quick fixes and fancy diets. Your longevity is our primary goal, which is why our approach to health and fitness is all about sustainable change. No more intense 8-week challenges that promote yo-yo dieting. We will help you gain the knowledge, certainty and confidence you need to get results for the rest of your life.

Women Inspiring Women

Join a community of inspiring women who champion each other daily. Our studios provide an ego-free & judgement-free space, where anyone who identifies as a woman feels safe to be themselves, while also feel part of a friendly, like-minded community.


All of our trainers have turned personal training into a career. As a team, we specialise in strength, functional movement, nutrition, mindset and women’s health. We can teach you how to lift properly, prevent injury, fuel your body strong and lean, and create a sustainable approach to lasting health.

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Is this 21 day intro right for me?

This is the perfect opportunity for you to experience our services if you are looking for real results and you are ready to commit to a long term, sustainable training regime. 

We care about all of our members and become fully invested in their success. Therefore, we do not run quick-fix challenges or diet competitions.

We are not the place for you if you are looking for a short-term solution.

Our programming, training protocols, health & nutrition coaching, and our educational workshops have been carefully orchestrated to ensure our members are making sustainable steps towards a healthier future, a stronger body, and a sharper & happier mind.

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No it doesn’t!

In our group classes you will meet women at all different experience levels and all different fitness levels. In fact, most of our women were beginners when they first started; everyone has to start somewhere!

Our dedication to functional movement and correct technique means that we are well equipped to train you if you are new to lifting.

Absolutely. We provide optional nutritional education and coaching for our community because it is integral to achieving great health and fitness results. However, we have many women who follow their own nutritional protocols outside of the studio. Which is great too because we do not believe that one size fits all.  

‘Bulking’ is defined differently by everyone, but in general, most women can’t bulk up without a strict training protocol and an even stricter diet. Your ability to bulk will be more dependent on your genes than anything else, which is why it’s so much harder for women to build muscle compared to men.

Most women want to ‘tone up’. This is what strength training is best known for. Our programs are designed to help women lose weight and build muscle so that they feel strong and look lean. In fact, strength training has been proven time and time again to be a more effective way to lose weight and keep it off in the long term than any other training protocol, including cardio and HITT. 

Yes…and no.

We don’t include cardio for the sake of exhausting you so you feel like you’ve burned more calories. That type of training is a painful and ineffective way to build fitness, and it can lead to adrenal fatigue, especially for women who are going through hormonal changes.

The type of cardio that we include in our sessions is programmed with a clear purpose in mind – to improve your cardio fitness! Some sessions will focus on your alactic anaerobic system, some will focus on your lactic anaerobic system, and some will focus on your aerobic system. This ensures that you get exposure to all types of fitness and actually get fitter rather than just getting ‘smashed’.


It’s one of the biggest advantages of strength training – you can continue to get results without having to increase your time spent training each week.

We think that 3-4 is the magic number, but many of our members get great results training twice a week!

If you would like to train once a week, we recommend inquiring about our personal training services so that we can personalise your program to help you get the very most out of your sessions.

Absolutely not.

The idea of joining Strong Women Can is to get strong and fit, it doesn’t matter where you start from. Some of our members had never trained before in their entire lives before joining us!

There is however a movement pattern requirement to joining groups. This is mainly for safety purposes, but also to ensure you get great results from your group sessions.

Five-minute movement pattern screens are carried out in our free consultations to help you understand if there are any key movements that should be addressed for injury prevention reasons.

The majority of our members sit between 30-65 years old. But we do have members ranging from 18-75 years of age!

Not at all. Let us know what’s going on and we can explain what we can do to help you manage and hopefully recover from your pain.

Many injuries and niggles can be managed and improved through group classes however some do need 1-1 support and personalised programming guidance. We can explore your personal injury in more detail in our free consultations.

We can also conduct a movement screen to help uncover the source of the issue so that we can work together to eliminate the problem.


All of our sessions last for 60 minutes.

The first piece involves one or two of our main ‘lifts’. These are big, compound moves that help you improve your mobility, functional movement, and of course, full body strength.

Perfecting your technique is a big part of this first piece. With small groups of maximum 8 women, our coaches are able to provide a lot of support to every group member.

The second piece is a ‘conditioning’ piece.  This piece is designed to build your fitness in many different ways, depending on the week. Some weeks we will focus on power, or speed, or your lactic anaerobic system! The intension is to expose you to all the different types of fitness so that you can be fitter and stronger all-round!

The warmup and cool down pieces are always relevant to the main workout to further support your technique and performance. 

We’re not surprised! Most new members are. It’s totally normal to feel uncomfortable when starting a new activity or joining a new community, especially one that involves lifting!

Don’t worry, getting started is definitely the hardest part. Once you’re on your way, our team of trainers will guide you through the rest. We take a systematic approach to progressing your training in a safe way – you certainly don’t need to be worried about getting yelled at, or asked to push to your max before your body is conditioned.

We are about sustainable progress, and not about feeling ‘smashed’ with no clear training outcome.

Ultimately, once you get going you will be blown away at what your body can do, but you do have to give it the chance.

You’ll also be surrounded by women who are both inspiring and supportive, which will help calm the nerves. Strong Women Can creates an optimal environment for you to feel safe, build confidence and thrive.

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